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I lead a small team of undergraduate and graduate researchers at the Innovations for Peace and Development policy group at the University of Texas at Austin. We research how geopolitics and economic influence affect the policy positions and legal frameworks adopted by developing countries.

Depending on the research at hand, sometimes we need to do data visualizations. So, I'm collecting resources on data visualization techniques here.

The Dos and Don'ts of Chart-Making by Alexandria Sayers: https://visme.co/blog/dos-and-donts-chart-making/

Qualitative Data Visualization by Stephanie Evergreen: http://stephanieevergreen.com/qualitative-viz/

Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction by Kieran Healy: http://socviz.co/index.html

Data Visualization talks by Andrew Heiss: https://www.andrewheiss.com/talks/

More Data Visualization by Andrew Heiss: https://datavizf18.classes.andrewheiss.com/

Data as a Science GitHub by Gavin Chait: https://github.com/whythawk/data-as-a-science


Hillary G. Corwin

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The University of Texas at Austin

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